Navigating NYC Building Violations with Expert Solutions

In New York City, navigating building and zoning regulations can be challenging. At JCA Associates Inc., we specialize in resolving violations issued by the Department of Buildings (DOB) and other agencies. Understanding that many violations can arise from misunderstandings or discrepancies, our team is dedicated to providing thorough research, representation, and expedited solutions to clear these issues promptly and efficiently.

Violation Solutions

Research and Analysis

We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your situation, examining:

  • Original property records to understand the baseline compliance.
  • Issued violation notices from DOB and other agencies.
  • HPD (Housing Preservation & Development) violation records.
  • FDNY (Fire Department of New York) violation records.
  • NYC Department of Finance records for financial implications. This in-depth research enables us to identify errors or inconsistencies and formulates a strategic approach to resolving your violations.
Violation Solutions

Representation Services:

Dealing with regulatory hearings can be daunting. Our team offers expert representation, attending single or multiple hearings on your behalf. We navigate the legal complexities, advocating for your interests and working towards a favorable outcome.

Violation Solutions

Expedited Certificate of Correction:

Timely resolution is key. We expedite Certificates of Correction to remove violations from official records, including ECB (Environmental Control Board), DOB, and HPD. Our expertise extends to resolving Work Without Permit Violations (WWP), ensuring your project gets back on track without unnecessary delays.

Violation Solutions

Preparation and Filing:

Our services include meticulous document preparation and expediting. We ensure all paperwork is accurately completed and submitted, streamlining the process to resolve your violations swiftly.

Violation Solutions

Scheduling and Coordination:

We coordinate inspections and meetings essential to your case, ensuring compliance and facilitating a smooth resolution process. Our team works closely with city agencies to schedule necessary evaluations, demonstrating your commitment to resolving any issues.