Comprehensive Building Resources for NYC Projects

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Alteration Type-I (Major Changes)

An Alteration Type-I application is crucial for significant modifications affecting the Certificate of Occupancy in NYC buildings. It's typically required for changes in space usage, occupancy numbers, or space description. We can guide you through this complex process to ensure compliance and efficiency.


Alteration Type-II (Multiple Work Types)

For alterations that involve multiple types of work but don't change the building's use or occupancy, an Alteration Type-II application is necessary. This includes cases where the Certificate of Occupancy remains unchanged. We specialize in navigating Directive-14 procedures and can assist in the application and sign-off processes.


Alteration Type-III (Minor Alterations)

Handling minor alterations involving just one type of work? An Alteration Type-III application fits this need. Our team can provide swift and accurate assistance for these smaller-scale changes, ensuring your project stays on track.


Builders Pavement Plan (BPP)

A BPP is typically filed by professionals for properties with developed or undeveloped sidewalks, curbs, and roadways. We can assist with the necessary surveys, photographs, and checklist completion to ensure your pavement plans meet NYC's standards.


Curb Cut (CC)

Regulating curb cuts in NYC ensures compliance with size and location requirements. Our team can guide you through the registration and modification process, ensuring your curb cut project aligns with city regulations.


Double Check Valve (DCV)

A crucial device for water system safety, the DCV requires compliance with New York State Department of Health standards. We can assist in ensuring your DCV installation meets all regulatory requirements.


Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is essential for maintaining water safety and compliance in NYC. Our experts can guide you through the process, from surveying to submitting the necessary documentation and photographs.


Fence Requirements

In NYC, construction fences must comply with specific requirements regarding information panels, style, content, and safety. We can help you ensure that your fencing meets all city regulations and standards.